Strolling through Nice…in English, s’il vous plait

I realized that it may be of interest for visitors to know where local people hang out and get their favorite traditional local dishes in Nice at an affordable price. Yes, yes, the time has come for you as well to avoid tourists’ prices practiced by many restaurants in town and to know where local people spend their money!

If you’re no Elton John, if you’re no supermodel… Summarising: if you’re not rich and/or famous, and, still want to enjoy your stay in Nice, a good option is definitely to follow the steps of local people… Probably the best way to enjoy any place in the world actually, and get the scent of it.

Then, go strolling in style by following one of the routes below which highlight some of my favorite places. They were all introduced to me by real Niçois, recently or a long long time ago, when I was a kid…

Route 1. Strolling through the old city

Time to Eat : Stop by the stand of Theresa in the middle of Cours Saleya Market, for a tasty pissaladière (the round one with anchovies is really good). If it’s too crowded, here is a tip: You may also get one of those directly where the Pissaladières are baked (28, rue Droite – 06300 Nice).

pissaladiere olives niçoises

If you’re looking for an affordable and tasty local meal you may have lunch/dinner at « La Table Alziari » for some « farcis niçois » (stuffed vegetables with meat), Daube provençale, and a melty homemade chocolate cake. (4, rue François Zanin – 06300 Nice).


La Merenda for some pasta with pistou sauce, fried zucchini flowers (like tempuras), red pepper bell pie, stockfish a la nissarda, etc. (4, rue Raoul Bosio, 06300 Nice).

Time to Shop : For some fruity and delicate olive oil, stop by Alziari’s shop :14, rue st François de Paule – 06300 Nice. This one is the one I usually get :


Route 2. Strolling through the Port area

Time to Eat: the best Socca in town at: Chez Pipo (13, rue Bavastro – 06300 Nice).

Time to Shop : Bread Chez Lagache, bakery located 20, rue l’Arson.

Time to Chill : Have a coffee comfortably seated at the terrace of one of the port’s bistros.

port de nice

Route 3. Strolling through the Center and Liberation neighborhood

Time to Eat : Chez Tintin (2, place du général de Gaulle – 06000 Nice) for what is in my view the best Pan Bagnat in town!

Time to Shop : L’oiseau d’or (20, rue Hôtel des Postes – 06000 Nice) for some local nougat, and the best candied fruits in chocolate I ever had in my life…

Time to Chill : Place Garibaldi on a sunny day with its yellow sunlit facades and welcoming terraces for a coffee or a juice.

This article is also (I hope) a teaser for my friends all around the world… Come visit us!! 🙂


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